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Kalimpong : A lush green landscapes, blooming orchids, and serene atmosphere

Kalimpong is a charming hill station nestled in the Indian state of West Bengal, and it's a hidden gem in the Eastern Himalayas. Situated at an elevation of about 1,250 meters (4,101 feet) above sea level, this quaint town offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, making it a haven for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts
Kalimpong Nature Walks and Hiking: Kalimpong is surrounded by lush forests, and there are several nature trails and hiking routes for those who want to explore the pristine natural beauty of the region. Some popular trails include the Cactus Nursery Trail and the Teesta River View Trail.

Tourist Attractions:

Kalimpong, with its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, offers a range of attractions for visitors to explore. Here are some places to visit in Kalimpong:

Zang Dhok Palri Phodang Monastery:

This Tibetan Buddhist monastery is a tranquil place for meditation and offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding hills and valleys. The monastery houses rare scriptures and religious artifacts.

Deolo Hill:

Deolo Hill is the highest point in Kalimpong and provides breathtaking views of the town, Teesta River, and the snow-capped Himalayan peaks. There's a park at the summit where you can relax and enjoy the scenery.

Durpin Monastery:

Also known as Durpin Gompa, this monastery is perched on Durpin Hill and offers picturesque views of the town and the Himalayas. The serene ambiance makes it a great place for meditation and photography.

Pine View Nursery:

This is not just a nursery but also a botanical garden featuring a wide variety of exotic plants, flowers, and orchids. It's a peaceful place for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

Mangal Dham:

A serene and beautifully crafted temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, Mangal Dham is known for its intricate architecture and peaceful surroundings. It's a popular pilgrimage site.

Cactus and Orchid Nursery:

Kalimpong is renowned for its orchids, and this nursery showcases a stunning collection of orchid species. It's a must-visit for those interested in horticulture.

Morgan House:

A colonial-era bungalow turned into a heritage hotel, Morgan House is an architectural gem. Even if you're not staying here, you can visit the premises and admire the colonial architecture.

Hanuman Tok:

Located on the way to Deolo Hill, Hanuman Tok is a small temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. It offers a peaceful atmosphere and panoramic views of the Himalayas.

Tharpa Choling Monastery:

This is another beautiful monastery in Kalimpong, known for its traditional Tibetan architecture and vibrant prayer flags. It's a great place to experience Tibetan culture.

Teesta River Rafting:

For adventure enthusiasts, Teesta River offers exciting rafting opportunities. You can experience the thrill of navigating through the river's rapids while enjoying the scenic beauty of the region.

Lepcha Museum and Archives:

Learn about the indigenous Lepcha culture and heritage through the exhibits and artifacts displayed at this museum. It's a great place to gain insight into the local traditions.


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